AdvXJam: Intergalactic Wizard Force

“Intergalactic Wizard Force” by Jacob Janerka, Dave Lloyd, Louis D. Meyer, Kyle Olson, Ivy Dupler, Adrian Vaughan, Amy Tant & Dom De Re.

“Join Prince Xandar, hero of the cosmos and Maldrek the galactic wizard [on] an adventure through time […] and space[.] […] Meet a bizarre cast of space aliens and wizard all over them.”

If you have ever dreamed of playing an adventure game where the two protagonists look like a decently goofy He-Man ripoff and the grumpy, three-eyed cousin of Danny DeVito, you have hit the jackpot right here! In “Intergalactic Wizard Force”, you play Prince Xandar and the ‘magician’ Maldrek, who are both stranded on an unknown planet during their latest space adventure. But maybe the inhabitants can help them find the source of the distress call?

What may sound like a rather generic adventure plot at first is very quickly countered by the sometimes crude and always direct humor of the game makers. This is especially noticeable in the ‘spells’ the duo use to interact with their environment. Xandar’s ‘telekinesis’ is nothing more than the use of his steely muscles. Maldrek’s ‘Disposess’ magic is just a pathetic attempt at theft. But of course, there is also a side character named Doorian Knobb, who is made of hundreds of doors.

More anti jokes and puns of this kind are presented over and over again, so that you have to facepalm several times during the half hour of gameplay, while snorting away. All friends of not-so-subtle humor will have their pure joy with “Intergalactic Wizard Force”. Likewise, the cravings of lovers of wonderful pixel art and voice acting are also going to be well served. [PLAY]