AdvXJam: MC-420

“MC-420” by Malindy Hetfeld & Phi Dinh.

“A new revolutionary invention helps a therapist unearth good memories. […] Discover several patients’ stories in near-future England and ponder the implications of future technology supposed to make us happy… [Even] if that happiness comes at a price.”

Behind the cryptic name “MC-420” stands a fictional machine that comes along with the potential to bring back the fondest past memories of people. You should not make the mistake to imagine it as an uncoupled unit or some tool that you can just switch on and then it does its job automatically, though. This technological revolution acts more like an interface, which is why it needs a trained professional to operate it.

The story of “MC-420” shows how its creators – especially the altruistic Dr. Anna Atsuko – handle not only the unbelievable powers behind their idea and all the good that it does, but also the side effects and dangers. Just think of it: If you would plod through someone’s brain, looking for some light inside an ocean of darkness, would that not do some harm to your soul? And what would happen if you do that day for day?

With such questions in mind, “MC-420” is a visual novel that tries to illustrate the ethical weighing of two interests, namely the safety for medical workers and the potential recovery as well as support for sick people. It does so with a captivating plot, well-written dialogues and a great sense for musical backdrop. There are no interactive elements in the game, as you cannot change the course of events or dialogues, but honestly? It does not need something like that. It is like some beautiful, atmospheric food for thought and works just perfectly this way. [PLAY]