AdvXJam: Swarm of the Plague Babies

“Swarm of the Plague Babies” by Charlotte Gore, Alan Gillhespy, Sally Beaumont, John Leach, Laura Cress, Mike Boyd, Paul Thomas, Tom Hale & Daniel Wolfe.

“Join local YouTelly conspiracy theorist Morette as he battles to uncover the truth behind said plague baby swarm.”

Compared to today, conspiracy theorists used to be mostly harmless, unhinged crackpots. Excuse me, the moon landing was just a fake? Okay, yeah, all right, why not mate. Elvis is still alive and sunbathing on a lounger in Hawaii? Cool story, bro! The main character of this adventure – a young man named Morette, who is the operator of the not very successful YouTelly channel IMORETTE – also belongs to this category. For him, behind everything bad in the world are the Freemasons, so of course for the literal “Swarm of the Plague Babies”.

You read that right: Out of nowhere, hundreds of babies have suddenly flooded the city. The “Swarm of the Plague Babies” is everywhere. There are babies on the streets, in hospitals and even in pubs! Only a brave fighter for the truth like Morette can put an end to this goings-on and find out who really is behind this phenomenon. Should you decide to help him, you will not only be rewarded with fantastic voice acting, some lovely puzzles and British humor, but also with probably the best earworm about actual worms ever written. “Wiggly squiggly jiggly dee!” [PLAY]