Asylum Jam 2016: Treasure Chest #06

Screenshot of "OVERCURSED"

“OVERCURSED” by Pietro Ferrantelli & Florent Juchniewicz.

You are playing as a phoney ghostbuster, who does not really believe in ghosts. However, in the end things escalate.

Screenshot of "Midnight Snack"

“Midnight Snack” by Blyant Games.

This point and click horror adventure offers some neat hand-drawn graphics as well as a traditionally creepy plot.

Screenshot of "Spoiled Eggburt"

“Spoiled Eggburt” by David Motta & Aidan Stem.

You are part of some weird horror movie. But whenever you die, the two viewers talk about other possible outcomes and rewind the tape. A wonderful, surreal take on the optional theme of the Asylum Jam 2016, which was “Escape Room”.