Awful Summer Jam 2018: IIslands of War

“IIslands of War” by jwiggs.

“A tactical roguelite where you must construct and battle floating islands made of [oversized] blocks of earth. […] [They] have cannons[,] […] lasers[,] […] shields and floatrons to keep them afloat. Go about exploring a [procedurally] generated map with [procedurally] generated enemies[.]”

In “IIslands of War” you must use a floating island as an armed ‘airship’ to eliminate other islands. What might sound like a silly premise turns out to be the fundament of an exciting strategy game, as your island is a transformable object that consists of different material blocks. These blocks can be made out of grass, sand, sandstone, cobblestone, gravel et cetera, and each material has its own weight. In these blocks you can put in different things such as weapons or special floating modules. While heavier blocks are more resilient in combat and are a better protection for your equipment, it also means that their higher weight will require you to implement more or at least better floating modules to keep your island in the air.

Blocks and items can either be won as loot after a successful battle or be purchased in a shop, whenever you land on the its field. To win a fight, you have three options in general. First of all, you can destroy your opponent’s warp module. Secondly, you make them incapacitated by ruining all their weapons. The last option is smash all their floating modules, leading them to plunge into the abyss. The combat system of “IIslands of War” is comparatively simple, but very timing-based. From time to time, you will need to press the ‘W’-key to keep you in the air. At the right time, you must press the keys binded to your weapons to fire your arsenal. But beware, as each weapon has an unique cool-down time. Tactical thinking is therefore required if you want to win. You have only two lifes throughout the whole game, which means that after the third defeat the game is over for you. >>PLAY