Bitsy Jam (Dinosaur): Denierosaurs

“Denierosaurs” by Sabine Harrer & glassdevil.

“A Bitsy game about dinosaurs, fish, and the end of the world.”

The serious Bitsy game “Denierosaurs” uses an obvious metapher to shine a light on the climate crisis we are going through. You play as a little fish, coming from a time roundabout sixty-six million years ago. Your friends are protesting against the lack of actions in the dinosaur community to do something against the approaching comet.

A lot of similarities between the treatment of the protesters in “Denierosaurs” and the real treatment of activism groups like Fridays for Future or Extinction Rebellion get displayed. Our human adults use the same mechanisms just like the reptiles: Patronizing the protesters because of their age, criticizing their tune instead of acknowledging their arguments as well as seeing the whole catastrophe as some kind of business opportunity. In the end, nobody wins.

There is a weakness in the metapher, though: While we might still be able to do something against the climate change, the dinosaurs of course had no options to reduce the comets impact on the planet in any way. But nevertheless “Denierosaurs” uses a smart metapher to show off the urgency of the whole issue. [PLAY]

Little addition: Sabine Harrer let me know in a tweet, that “the small fish protestors are inspired by important climate activists, including Ridhima Pandey, Autumn Peltier, and Artemisa Xakriabà who are less known than they should be[.]” There is always much to learn! Thank you, Sabine!