Bitsy Jam (Dinosaur): Please Do Not Climb on the Dinosaurs

“Please Do Not Climb on the Dinosaurs” by Andrew Kepple.

“You […] are on a mission to take selfies with all the dinosaur skeletons at the museum. But to what heights will you ascend in order to achieve the best selfies? And to what depths will you sink? Action, intrigue, and youthful rebellion await…”

“Please Do Not Climb on the Dinosaurs” is the debut Bitsy game of Andrew Kepple, and it is already more than just a neat start! You play as a teenager who wants to make selfies in a museum, but not ordinary ones: Instead of standing just right in front of the dinosaur exhibits, his plan is to climb on them and to take a picture right at their top (do not worry, those are not the real bones, but replica). Even all those forbidding signs cannot stop his insurgent attitude. However, the museum guard and his taser possibly could.

With this basic setting a humorous story unfolds, as our hero – or anti-hero? – hides in the museum’s vent system and discovers some analogue photographs there. Someone named Dinosaur Darren already took his kind of selfies in the past, decades before he did! Reassured by the deeds of the stranger, the protagonist’s quest to take the dino selfies continues. No replica of the old mighty creatures is safe anymore.

Become a witness, as the bones of the tyrannosaurus rex collapse, after he took his shot with it. Get an answer to the question, if the taser ever gets used. Find out who the heck the mysterious Dinosaur Darren is. A delightful tale of catastrophes, thrilling photography and strange passions is waiting for you. [PLAY]