Bitsy Jam (Masks): The Horizon

“The Horizon” by Freya Campbell.

“A woman gnaws her last[.] […] [A] sequel to [“The Tower”] and [“The House of God.]”

Freya Campbell’s “The House of God” got an honorable mention in our GOTY 2018 list for its unique kind of storytelling. This game is the sequel of it and also the final part of her “The Tower” series. It features the story about… Well, yeah, about what exactly?

It is about relationships, self assurance, identity crises, hope. But not only two special persons stand in the center of it all, as a fictional and a real Tarot card also happens to have a special role in those events. Postmodern mysticism meets the poetry of crushing realities. Take a break for half an hour for a journey to the unknown. [PLAY]