Bitsy Jam (Moss): care

“care” by forestherd.

“A game about going on a walk and taking care of your plants.”

Some games with a focus on narration manage it to follow a metaphor so consequently that I feel stunned after playing them, but at the same time it all feels quite subtle and just starts to unfold when I play them again. “care” definitely is one of them. You play as a person who is very fond of their plants. But suddenly, their whole world changes, as the moss takes over the surroundings. It just grows and grows and grows simply everywhere. Still, your character would love to take care of the plants and wants to maintain them, but the moss does not simply vanish.

This scenario leads to a story with many different endings. You will have to make decisions about helping the plants or not, but what is more important is the mirror that this Bitsy game hands you over as soon as you played it. Maybe take a look into it and ask the right questions to yourself. I will not spoil it too much now. Just one more thing: Take care. [PLAY]