Bitsy Jam (Ocean): novena

“novena” by Cecile RichardBrambles.

In “novena”, an old myth says that the ocean can grant wishes and fulfill desires. But even this magic can fall silent if nobody cares about the waters themselves. This excellently lyrical Bitsy game knows how to open so many interpretation possibilities about itself in just a few minutes. So, what is it about? Is it just a ludic visualization of a poem or is it not much more about depression, suffering, mental illnesses?

Those who give others so much that they eventually take it for granted, can easily lose themselves in a vicious circle. An abyss from which it is difficult to free oneself alone. But whoever opens up to others and reveals their own weaknesses can possibly also be helped. Maybe that is what this wonderful, atmospheric game finally tells us to do in the end. But that is just my personal interpretation of “novena”. You better find one for yourself, because the ocean awaits you. >>PLAY