Bitsy Jam (Ocean): Treasure Chest #60

GIF of "The Fever"

“The Fever” by Andrew Yolland.

This initially colorful educational game just seems to be a small sea life simulation at the start. For example, by interacting with other marine life, you can learn some interesting facts about the parrotfish. But as the game progresses, the colors fade and even the taste of the corals you consume worsens. A beautifully designed jam submission with a sad background.

GIF of "Randy G.'s Wild n' Wacky Beach Adventure"

“Randy G.’s Wild n’ Wacky Beach Adventure” by Emma Daues.

What makes this Bitsy game really outstanding is the sometimes misleading puzzle design and the lovely characters. In your role as the shimmering robotic crab Randy G., you not only need to find the treasure of this world, but also to help the villagers out.

GIF of "a day in the life of a sea witch"

“a day in the life of a sea witch” by onion.

This sweet game is about gathering all the ingredients for a very special potion. Almost all characters you interact with are weird at first, but they are actually quite nice and will help you out if you do something for them in return. Also, especially the dialogue system and the world design is quite terrific.

GIF of "Sinking Treasures"

“Sinking Treasures” by William John Holly III.

This Bitsy game revolves around the question of what we actually mean by wealth. Does wealth mean having a large sum of money? Or perhaps our horizon of experience represents true wealth? Embark on a journey into the shallows of the sea to retrieve the real treasure.