Bitsy Jam (Space Whale): Ballad of the Space Whale

“Ballad of the Space Whale” by David Mowatt.

“[A love letter to] and [a] demake of a game that is very important to me.”

This Bitsy game is not only a demake or even a parody of the fabulous Game Boy classic “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”, but also a wonderful display of a game developer’s own source of inspiration. The players of “Ballad of the Space Whale” get offered to collect gems that have no value in the game itself, but they are the placeholders for his own memories and thoughts. For instance, he reveals at one point that this “The Legend of Zelda” title for him is a paramount example of the kind of games he would like to create in the future. Such details made me smile while playing it, but the small puzzles and a pinch of humor complete the experience perfectly. >>PLAY