Bitsy Jam (The Sublime): Treasure Chest #73

GIF of "Seven Simple Wonders"

“Seven Simple Wonders” by Lucas Candal.

The world is full of little wonders, even if we do not always recognize or appreciate them as such. This beautiful Bitsy game introduces seven of them and gives an explanation why those potentially inconspicuous everyday encounters are so intriguing.

GIF of "a vision of the sublime"

“a vision of the sublime” by Mark Wonnacott.

A religious experience. A source of inspiration. A collapse of the senses. An eternal search. A journey into the unknown. A seizure of the soul. An outcry. A poetry. A perception of the imperceptible. A heating of the synapses. A creative force. A strange power. A radiance in the distance. It is hard to describe this game. It is something in-between.

GIF of "Sublime stories"

“Sublime stories” by Laureste.

Those who long for fantastic places and narratives can develop an unhealthy desire for the sublime. This desire becomes a hunger that devours everything. However, at some point even the last exciting story is told. What is left afterwards? This is the question that this game focuses on and it reveals a hopeful ending.