Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1: Cutout

“Cutout” by Nikita Tsarev.

“[A] challenging Sokoban-like puzzle game but with a twist: you can cut holes in the level and then attach them back wherever you like.”

Seriously, my brain melt into a black mush after playing “Cutout”! The puzzle design was one of the most challenging I ever faced in a jam submission. While it looks like a simple “Sokoban” adaption, it adds a twist to the concept by allowing you to cut parts of the level out and to adjust them anywhere on the field. Of course, you are only allowed a certain amount per cuts for each stage, and they can have some side effects.

You play as a blocky figure and can move freely on the white roads. Meanwhile, the crossed blocks have to be positioned on the red crosses. While you can push them onto these spots, there is also another possibility: To cut them out and drag them onto the target. Anyway, that is just possible if the blocks are not on the white roads, but instead on the cardboard. Why? Because whenever you cut out a part of the road and try to drag it over an already crossed spot, it will ‘overwrite’ the attribute completely.

That is the reason why you have to plan each of your moves in “Cutout” carefully. While the first couple of stages are easy to accomplish, the last few of the overall 21 levels can be real mind breakers. In my first playthrough, I sat about one hour in front of the screen before the solution to the last puzzle hit me; not kidding! So you better give this stunning game a chance, if you love well-designed puzzle games with an innovative core design. [PLAY]