Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1: Fluffy Flight

“Fluffy Flight” by Jan Braunsberger & Tomaž Krajcar.

“Save the egg with the balloon and get it to the last nest checkpoint. Use the needle to poke holes into multiple different objects and alter their movement.”

“Fluffy Flight” nails the theme of the Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1, which was “Holes”, perfectly, as the creation of holes itself is a vital part of the concept. You have to move an egg, which is attached to a balloon, safely to each of the sixteen checkpoints. That would be easy, if you could control your aerial vehicle directly – but that is not the case, of course. Instead, you have to poke it with a needle from different sides, so that it will move into the opposite direction.

However, this mode of movement has a slight disadvantage: Your balloon loses air! If it pops, the fragile egg will fall on the ground and break. That is the reason why you have to patch your balloon every now and then. Between two checkpoints you are allowed to repair your conveyance up to three times. You can also be lucky and run into an air bubble, restoring your amount of allowed patchings plus the balloon completely.

But even with those little extra gifts in mind, “Fluffy Flight” features quite difficult stages. Spiky thorns, arrow shooting statues and mean flowers will be your obstacles, so better watch out and carefully plan your next moves. I loved this physics-based concept very much, as it is somewhat innovative and intuitive at the same time. Also, the artwork is sweet as well. [PLAY]