Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1: One in Hole

“One in Hole” by Guido Out.

“Everybody loves mini-golf[,] right? What about almost-golf?”

While I have a soft spot for golf games in general, I must say that I particularly enjoyed the ‘reverse concept’ of “One in Hole”. While the goal is still the same – getting the golf ball inside the hole -, you do not shoot the ball around in this jam submission. Instead you control the movement of the hole with each of your shots, leading to a very funny as well as clever level design.

The ten courses take quite an advantage of this idea of a golf antithesis: For example, the hole is able to swallow up different objects besides the ball like the high winning flag. It will still stick out of the abyss after the consumption, making the hole able to ‘kick’ the ball from a higher platform. In later stages, mice will also join the club. They will head straight to the hole to live inside it, which also affects your potential shooting speed.

These different mechanics make “One in Hole” not only a neat puzzle golf game, but also a meta game, as it breaks with some traditions of the genre, forcing the player to view the levels from another perspective. All in all, it is a smart and hilarious gaming experience. >>PLAY