Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2: It’s a wrap!

“It’s a wrap!” by Chanko Studios (Guillaume Bernard, Dennis Elgert & Dominik Schwäger).

“[A puzzle platformer where you] are a movie director and just want to make a nice film. If only people [would not] constantly mess up their parts…”

The puzzle concept of “It’s a wrap!” is as simple as it is brilliant: At the start of each level, you will get the basis of a movie scene script. However, as soon as the actors and actresses try to execute the script, they fail. You as the director have to help them out by changing their cues. That gets done by dragging the timelines of each performer and kinetic requisite around. A meteorite would crush down the spacecraft in your science fiction movie? Let it appear some seconds later. In your fantasy flick, the horse runs away too early before the prince can ride on it? You know what to do.

While the reposition of the timelines is an important game mechanic in “It’s a wrap!”, it is not the only one. As soon as the preparation of the script is done, you take direct control of each film’s hero. That way this jam submission evolves into a puzzle platformer, as now you have to figure out not only how to use the requisites, but also in which moment. So get cozy in your director’s chair, and say it with me: “Lights, camera, action!” [PLAY]