Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1: Machine Dream

“Machine Dream” by pipotchi & SubjectLoser.

“[Use] your magnet head to pull yourself out of the […] dark pit where titans slumber[.]”

You better not be half asleep when you try out the puzzle platformer “Machine Dream”. Here you control a robot that has a kind of metallic spider’s lower body and a magnet for a head, which wants to escape from a curious place. For this to succeed, the magnetism of the robo skull must be played off against that of the platforms and other objects. Thus, the small machine can not only attach itself to certain surfaces, but also pull boxes towards it. This is also necessary to activate switches that unlock new paths. However, you will also encounter reverse-polarized things, which again bring their own unique game mechanics.

Even though some jumps are difficult at first in “Machine Dream”, you get used to the controls relatively quickly. Furthermore, the checkpoints are very generous, so one wrong move does not immediately ruin a lot of progress. This way, you can let the gaming experience fully sink in while enjoying all the little things: The gallant back-and-forth crawling of our unusual main character, the developing arc of tension when the mechanical titans appear, and the vibrations coming from your speaker boxes thanks to the atmospheric background music. [PLAY]