Brackeys Jam 2020.2: Final Shot

“Final Shot” by Arcy.

“[A permadeath first-person shooter] in which the only way to reload is to rewind time.”

While there are plenty of very generic shooter games out there in the digital ether, jam entries of this genre can still fascinate me a lot whenever they try to whirl their own structural fundaments around. “Final Shot” is an example par excellence for that. While it is true that you still fight against waves of faceless enemies and you do not even have to care about ammunition whatsoever, you cannot reload your weapon in a conventional way. Instead, you will have to utilize your very own time-rewinding ability. Wait, what?

You read that right: “Final Shot” is a shooter including time magic. Whenever you choose to use this skill, your character winds back by replaying their movements from the last two to three seconds. Also, any damage you endured in that short timeframe gets negated. Five foes nearly shot you down, reducing your full health bar to measly ten percent? Such a dreadful scenario can be avoided here in hindsight. Not always, of course, as the ability comes with its own cooldown time.

Overall, “Final Shot” is a clever and pretty stylish as well as minimalist experimental shooter. With its delightful core mechanic, three different maps, nice background beats and a variety of weapons (guns, rifles, bats, grenades et cetera), it simply is one of the best shooters made for a jam that I have ever played. [PLAY]