Butterscotch ShenaniJam 2018: Press Space To Stick

“Press Space To Stick” by Francis Vace.

“You [have got to] climb the tower of [justice], but [there is] only one thing you can control[:] [You] press space to stick.”

“Press Space To Stick” is an outstandingly difficult, but incredibly motivating platformer. Accompanied by fantastic chiptune sounds and classic Game Boy visuals, you must move the character to the top of a tower. The only problem is that you cannot control the figure directly. Whenever possible, the character runs from left to right and back again, and aggravatingly, they also leap into the air in regular intervals.

So you have to control the figure indirectly, as you can at least prevent them from wildly running around by pressing the spacebar. However, be aware of the fact that they will jump anyway. You have to move through the intricate passages of the tower, where you will not only encounter sticky surfaces or stones that only allow you to go in one direction, but also small teleportation holes. In the final stage of “Press Space To Stick”, the great puzzle platformer gets even more difficult, demanding a certain sense of rhythm of its players. >>PLAY