Castle Game Jam 2018: Wake Up

“Wake Up” by Philip Johansson & Mikko Aaltio.

“Why do we dream? How do you know if [you are] dreaming? What horror does your mind possess? […] [An] adventure game that lets you explore dreams with tricky puzzles and horrors unlike anything [you have] seen before.”

If you try to describe your own dreams or nightmares to others, you will often notice the fragmentation of the dreamed. Some passages make sense, but then they are suddenly interrupted by a nonsensical bit. Dreams are often a puzzle of their own, its logic left unexplainable. “Wake Up” tries to capture the structure and logic of dreams, at least a bit. By building a “Twin Peaks”-like scenario in conjunction with the usage of the camera perspective of “Resident Evil”, a surreal, oneiric atmosphere is created.

One is put into the role of a faceless employee who works in a building that seems to be half hotel, half cinema. You get a call that you should come to a certain room, but it appears to be empty. Then, a cut happens. Again you are advised to go to the very same room, but this time something seems to have happened. A monstrous being arises. A doppelganger. And so begins your escape attempt in “Wake Up”. In order to progress, you will sometimes have to solve puzzles, but naturally the logic behind them does not get declared. It is up to you alone to search for the solution. >>PLAY