Ceci n’est pas un jeu 2018: 动力场

“动力场” by Martian’s Parlor Entertainment (Pierre Bernon, Colin Thil & Zhaoran Li).

“An abstract cooperative platformer experience[.]”

In this exploration platformer, you have to control some kind of pink clam and also the platformer elements themselves. While the clam is controlled by the arrow keys, you have to press the keys, which the platforms represent, to handle them. This way, a giant W functions as a melting gate, a T transforms into a ramp, a K starts to float from one direction to the other and an ocean of Ys will begin to move like a wave.

The level design itself is also noteworthy, thanks to its circle form. The whole path leads to the beginning again, so that there is no special goal or anything you can achieve but the exploration of “动力场” itself. A wonderful little alt game. >>PLAY