CFNGamejam 3: Fishos

“Fishos” by Miko Sramek.

“Sail around the ocean and fish! […] The goal is to catch all the fish that correspond to the different star signs.”

In “Fishos”, you take control of a fisherman boat. You can hoist the anchor and then have to spin the steering wheel yourself, while your ship swims over the wide ocean. Whenever you feel like it, you can throw the anchor back into the sea and start fishing. If you are located in the near of special territories near the star constellations of the zodiac signs, you have the chance to catch one of twelve special kinds of fishes like a couple of identical ‘goldfish’ which represent the Gemini sign, or a bearded sea creature, which is the equivalent to the Leo. It might take some time though, so you have to be patient if you want to complete your captain’s log.

You do not have to be superstitious to enjoy “Fishos”. In its core, it is just a relaxing, wonderful sailing and fishing simulation. In the case you are not fond of catching some maritime creatures, you can also just sail around and take out your telescope to have a look at the stars, while you enjoy the sound of the waves. >>PLAY