Chess Jam: Field of Fate

“Field of Fate” by Graeme Borland.

“[A] tactical chess-like game where two forces clash on the eternal battlefield.”

Even if “Field of Fate” is just a prototype by now, I can already see a huge potential in it. Basically, it’s about playing turn-based battles with chess pieces against a sinister power. The big twist here is that you can level up your own units, but not in the sense of individually expandable status values or traditional experience points. Instead, the units can exchange character traits with each other.

For this exchange to take place, two units must build up a strong relationship with each other. This happens when they are in close proximity and one of them attacks an opposing chess piece. When the relationship is maximized, unit A obtains the characteristics of unit B in addition to its own and vice versa.

The character traits are very different. Some can improve the health of a unit or even lead to healing abilities, others improve the talkativeness of a unit, which leads to an improvement of relationships even without an attack action, again other characteristics can rise up the strength of an attack.

Through this complex gameplay, the game has already reached an interesting depth that will be pleasing to friends of the tactical genre. I really hope for a further development of this prototype and that a story campaign may be implemented. But I am already thrilled! >>PLAY