Chez Moi: Misc.

“Misc.” by Pierre Corbinais & Aurélien Montero.

“It’s been following you for ages[,] [y]ear after year[,] [a]partment after apartment[.] But now it’s time[.] There is no turning back[:] You need to sort the “Misc.” box. […] Tinder meets Marie Kondo[.]”

Whenever I move into a new flat, I try to get rid off as many unneeded things as possible. But when I do that, I always stumble over stuff that still have got some emotional value to me, even though I did not interact with them in several years. “Misc.” captures this well-known scenario. This genre mashup between point and click adventures as well as interactive novels is about a young woman who first thinks she is done with packing – until she finds her old box filled with miscellaneous stuff.

It seems like every object has their own special history, and it is on you what you want to keep or put into the trash. I found it weirdly fascinating how many things I kept while playing “Misc.”, because I have the ‘view from outside’, you know? This woman is a stranger to me, I do not know anything about her past or her character, so why should I care what she will keep when moving to her next apartment, right?

The answer is pretty easy: It is a relatable situation and some objects appear just too strange to not interact with them any further. Half broken ear-buds, a nearly empty box of matches, one single baby shoe and a garden gnome are just four of the surprising encounters you will have in “Misc.” – and what you will learn about the stuff depends sometimes on your decision. To keep or not to keep, that is the question. >>PLAY