COFFEE JAM: Coffee Talk

“Coffee Talk” by Toge Productions (Mohammad Fahmi, Dio Mahesa, Hendry Roesly, Fredrik Lauwrensius & Andrew Jeremy Sitompul), Jovan Anggara, Adlan Arvyanda Ramly & 99tales.

“[A coffee] brewing and heart-to-heart talk simulator in a fantasy world [that is] as real as ours[.]”

In recent years, there were at least two games with a drink mixing game mechanic in conjunction with an outstanding narration: “VA-11 Hall-A” and “The Red Strings Club”. Both titles were able to establish a huge fanbase around them. Maybe this jam game called “Coffee Talk” could soon inherit some of them, as it has a tremendous potential.

“Coffee Talk” is about a parallel universe in which fantasy creatures such as orcs and elves have been living among humans for some time now. In this scenario, you operate a café that opens only after sunset. In these dark evening hours usually only a few guests come by, and they do not only need a caffeinated bewerage, but also a good conversation with a stranger.

You will soon realize that certain societal issues, such as racism, are not just common among humans. But maybe you will discover something beautiful, as each night is followed by a sunrise. Let yourself be surprised by the different stories that this café has to offer, and please, hope for a sequel with me. >>PLAY