Community Game Jam: Land of the Lard

“Land of the Lard” by NueSB, Dweebnut & W3IRDR3D.

“Welcome to the Lardlands, a foreign area where seemingly everything can happen.”

I am a huge fan of games with clay aesthetics, so the puzzle platformer “Land of the Lard” caught my eye immediately. Right at the very first moment I was remembered by the works of Mason Lindroth and Jack King-Spooner. Such graphics somehow produce a very special kind of vibe: Something bizarre, but also beautiful.

Gameplay-wise this jam submission challenges you three puzzles to solve. To find the solution, you have to talk with two different characters: One eyeball monster with a crown and a bird-like creature. While the first one is always lying, the second one will tell you the truth and give you important hints or even directly help you. The puzzle design itself is mostly pretty nice; especially the first two were fun to solve, while the last one felt a bit too tedious. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a short and atmospherical puzzle game, then I can highly recommend this one. [PLAY]