Decade Jam: Fey the Potion Maker

“Fey the Potion Maker” by Sophia Shepherd.

“[A] short fantasy-themed puzzle game where you draw magical connections between ingredients to brew potions in your abode among the clouds with a [family focused] story interwoven.”

Sometimes you just need a cute looking puzzle game with a lovely story and neatly designed riddles to have a good time, and that is exactly what “Fey the Potion Maker” offers you as an experience. In your role as the aspiring potion maker Fey, daughter of two witches, you have to brew up three potions. Each brewing procedure consists of five steps in the form of puzzles.

The game mechanics are easy to pick up: You have to place all the ingredients on the empty slots and connect them with the help of binding spells. However, each specific ingredient will need an exact number of those bindings to unleash its magical power. Also, all ingredients must form a group together, or else the brewing step is not successful. The puzzles can all be solved with the mouse controls only, giving “Fey the Potion Maker” a nice flow. For those of you who also love little stories in jam games, this one features a sweet narrative. There is a special reason why Fey picked up this profession after all, and with each newly created mixture you will understand her motivation a bit better. [PLAY]