Demake JAM: Treasure Chest #84

Screenshot of "Delunky - Endless Descent"

“Delunky – Endless Descent” by Johan Peitz.

Just like the original “Spelunky”, this game will punish any adventurous treasure hunter who is too greedy. Snakes will attack you, giant spiders will tumble down from below, arrows will be shot and if you steal one of the fantastic treasures, it could be the case that a gigantic boulder will follow you.

Screenshot of "Metro Cop"

“Metro Cop” by helpcomputer0 & wyver9.

In this polished demake of the arcade shooter “Virtua Cop”, all enemies must be shot by you as soon as possible. Otherwise, not only will you be deprived of some health points, but you may also be able to see worse for a short while.

Screenshot of "Low Mem Sky"

“Low Mem Sky” by Paul Nicholas & Chris Donnelly.

Just in the spirit of the earlier versions of “No Man’s Sky”, all we as players have to do is travel through space and visit strange, colorful planets.