Disc Room Game Jam: Pigments

“Pigments” by Benjamin Soulé.

“Paint [all] tiles before getting sliced[.]”

To say that “Pigments” is only a demake of the original “Disc Room” made in PICO-8 would not do any justice to the little original twists that its developer thought of. Not only does it use fruits as avatars, making juice an appropriate substitute for squirting blood, but also it added a pinch of “SUPERHOT” to the gameplay. However, before we go into the details, we should have a quick look on the core concept first.

In “Pigments” we have to color as many of the charcoal floor tiles as possible in one go. The amount of color we can carry with us is limited, though, and that is why we have to collect the drop-shaped refill packs from time to time. That would all be an easy task if it would not be for those goddamn xyresic discs! At the first touch, they will slice you. Luckily for you, they do not move as fast as they can as long as you do not move either, allowing you to plan your next moves – at least for one or two seconds.

Each of the six levels has to be unlocked first, which depends on your coloring success in the former stages. Every new room comes with a new fruit, modifiers, disc types and other elements. For instance, there are water tiles, which you can dive into to prevent yourself from being cut, and aggro switches, which steer slices towards you. Now it is time for some fruit salad. [PLAY]