Disc Room Game Jam: ROOM ROOM

“ROOM ROOM” by Sambero & Groovel Studio (Alberto Trigueros & Juan Novella).

“A game without discs[.]”

“ROOM ROOM” is two things at once: On the one hand, it is a wonderful exploration playground filled with puzzles, but on the other, it is also a clever take on “Disc Room” on the meta-level. Here, the lethal disc blades were replaced with rotating miniature versions of all formerly visited stages. Whenever you touch one of them, you get teleported right back to the room that it refers to. While that could be interpreted as an absolute bad, annoying thing for the players without any good impact whatsoever, the portals are a fascinating element to twiddle with for all speedrunners among you.

Another thing I love about “ROOM ROOM” are the implemented little riddles and challenges. Quite often you will have to move around a bit in one level before you understand how to open up each exit. However, the background letters always act as a more or less useful hint. Do not worry, I will not spoil anything, as the game is quite short – so go ahead and enjoy it yourself. [PLAY]