DreamHack Austin Jam: Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris

“Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris” by Andrew Wang.

“You are the ruthless overlord of the space station T3TRIS. Unwanted visitors flock to your territory because of the lovely view of the nebula. Keep this well-trafficked station from expanding outside the boundaries, by any means necessary! (Nuclear weapons welcome.)”

In this jam game, Andrew Wang has developed a new variation of “Tetris”, which in some ways offers its players more game-mechanical freedom: Although you can only manipulate the horizontal orientation of the bricks to a limited extent, not only the falling stones are rotatable, but also the game board itself. So in order to be successful in the game, you have to keep an eye on two elements at once.

The basic principle remains the same, though. It is important to keep the game board as free as possible, but your own progress speeds things up. After every thousand points reached, the speed of the game increases, but on the other hand, there is also a reward: An atomic rocket then circles the field, spiraling towards the center. As soon as the rocket reaches a tile, it explodes, destroying all the attached bricks in the nearer area, which makes the field more open again. A simple, but wonderfully executed game concept.. >>PLAY