DreamHack Jam: The Tower at Tortenna

“The Tower at Tortenna” by Moshe LinkeGareth Damian MartinTom KitchenThomas Newlands & Michael Berto.

“There is an ancient machine in the courtyard of the Tower at Tortenna, four keys are somewhere in the tower, strewn about, recording, charging on moonlight. Finding them may unlock the secret of the mysterious monument.”

“The Tower at Tortenna” invites you to not only discover its secrets, but also the history of a mysterious world. Tiny notes and the whole architecture are hints for that quest. Take a deep breath and dive into the atmosphere. Hear the seagulls screaming, listen to the rattling of the engine, but more importantly, feel the absence of any other soul. It may be your world, but in one way or another, the world owns you. >>PLAY