Fantasy Console Game Jam #4: Sushi Belt

“Sushi Belt” by Munro Hoberman.

“Make sushi and feed it to customers using the innovative technology of conveyor belts!”

I am a huge fan of sushi dishes, so I simply had to recommend this fabulous cooking-and-serving simulation made with PICO-8. Your little restaurant gets crowded daily by hungry customers, who are crazy for Nigiri, Maki and other delicious treats. The recipes can be found by bumping into the little notebook in the right down corner. You can then prepare the requested dish by collecting the three needed ingredients (fish, rice as well as algae) and laying them down on the sushi mat in the right order. The magic of sushi will then complete the meals automatically!

All you have to do afterwards is to transport the dishes via the conveyor belt. Whenever a customer got their meal, they will put some coins back on the belt, so be sure to collect them to get paid for all your hard work. Of course, when you do not serve them in time, they will get hangry and just leave unsatisfied. So better memorize the recipes as soon as you can in this most delicious jam game. [PLAY]