FEMICOM Game Jam 4: Treasure Chest #42

Screenshot of "Riso Pong"

“Riso Pong” by alynne o. & HeavyViper.

The neat twist in this “Pong” game are the falling pills, which have two functions: On the one side they block the ball and bounce it back, on the other side they act as temporal power-ups, which will let the player’s racket grow.

Screenshot of "pong pounce"

“pong pounce” by Wayne A. Lee.

Instead of being one of the “Pong” players, you play as a cat. You want to catch the ball as often as possible, so you jump around and try to attack it.

Screenshot of "Majopon"

“Majopon” by raespark.

These two witches have a magical “Pong” duel with each other, where they can shoot as many stars as they want. When two stars touch each other, they fade away. Stars can also be blocked by the witches themselves.

Screenshot of "Ping"

“Ping” by Simon Hutchinson.

Besides the neat vaporwave aesthetics in the second stage of this game, I enjoyed the implemented bullet time mechanic.

Screenshot of "lets pong"

“lets pong” by herio.

This “Pong” game features a great old-school visual style, which reminds me of games made for the Nintendo 64.