Finally Finish Something 2018: Treasure Chest #39

Screenshot of "Hiko Run"

“Hiko Run” by Franklin’s GhostJames Primate & Sese Square.

A delightful runner game, where the headless astronaut needs to catch a flying heart by shooting orbs at it to slow it down.

Screenshot of "Don’t Shoot Anybody"

“Don’t Shoot Anybody” by Thomas Keys.

As the king of the bunnies, you want to reach the exit of each level, but you can only move yourself with the help of a jetpack. Each time you use it, you shoot out dangerous laser beams, which will harm your fluffy citizens if you are not careful enough.

Screenshot of "Late Summer Nights #1"

“Late Summer Nights #1” by Anna Prein.

Here awaits you an interactive novel about building up friendships in a drawing bulletin board system of the late nineties. The dialogue scripts nail the whole feeling in a perfect way.