Finally Finish Something 2020: DAEMMERLICHT


“[You are] playing as a small, [orb-like] vessel that was pulled violently into this world by someone or something. As you find out that you are not the first one to arrive, it soon dawns on you that this [is not] a place, [where] you want to stay. Many before you got lost. Will you escape?”

Originally, “DAEMMERLICHT” is a project of the developer SYNTHCODER, who already spent two years on it. Within the context of the annual Finally Finish Something jam, he decided to create a public demo version of his game. I am glad that I tried it out, as it is a short, but immensely atmospheric experience. All you have to do in the beginning is to press any button, then you can see how a bright human will get compressed into one small orb inside the void. As you take over the movement control over the ball, you get sucked into a spiral. Many other lost souls are going with the flow in here, and so will you, starting a journey into the mystical place called Nowhere. While the environment itself is aesthetically very pleasing, you might still sense some tension.

Other orbs are laying around, but they are just the witnesses of old memories. A caught soul inside a tower, pleading you to end the misery. An unexpected helper, which will give you a hand and an eye. In the end, you will have to decide between options; your decision could not be more important.

In its actual state, “DAEMMERLICHT” feels to be the beginning of something beautiful and strange. It does not give too much background information about the world that it features, still it manages to show off its magic in a stunning way. I am looking forward to the full release of it, as I am sure that my patience will be rewarded with the blazing flames of passion. [PLAY]