Finally Finish Something 2020: Skeletris

“Skeletris” by Ghast.

“The outpost has lost contact with Skeletris, the central skeleton city. And creatures in the wilderness are acting strangely. Make your way to the city, find out [what has] happened, and use your wits to defeat the unknown evil that now lurks there.”

In the roguelike “Skeletris”, you play as a skeleton who must fight against hordes of aggressive animal monsters and other hostile creatures. Little frogs will stand in your way, while witches try to poison you and three-headed beasts plan to slay you down. While that may sound like a typical roguelike at first, the inventory and status points system is quite innovative.

As the title “Skeletris” is already revealing, it is based a bit on “Tetris”. You have to place so-called artifacts – geometric shapes made out of blocks – as well as weapons on the five by five tiles big status points field. Quite often, the power of an artifact is based to the number of blocks that it consists of. That is why you have to show off your best resource management and organizing skills: Will you rather spend five tiles for an artifact that gives you a bonus of six vitality points, or will you let it go for another one that is made out of seven blocks, but rises the power of your attacks by two and even regenerates one hit point after a successful kill?

These choices will get more and more difficult as you delve deeper into the world. However, do not worry, as your inventory offers you enough space to carry some items with you that you might find useful later. You will definitely need them, as it is your quest to find out what happened to the titular city and why all of a sudden the former peaceful animals went rogue on the undead citizen. As “Skeletris” is a somewhat addictive roguelike adventure without annoying permadeath, but instead featuring neat boss fights and an intriguing core design, I simply must recommend it to you. [PLAY]