Friendship Jam: Dear Toki

“Dear Toki” by DDRKirby(ISQ).

“Write letters to connect with a long-lost friend.”

When you ever moved into another town or just came to a new stage of your life, I bet you recognize this feeling: You really want to keep in touch with your friends, but there are way too many others things to do. Days, weeks, months, even years pass by and you did not wrote a single message to them. You start to feel guilty about it and think that they might not want to hear from you anymore anyways… But what if you are wrong?

This wonderful short game called “Dear Toki” tells the story of the relationship between Kris and the eponymous Toki, which took just such a path – until the moment where an unexpected letter written by Kris about their feelings and thoughts on this issue arrives. Maybe playing this gives you the push to try it again, too? The guilt you might still feel is not a necessary part of your life. You can overcome this, just like those two did. And now excuse me, I have some letters to write. [PLAY]