Game In A Week 2: Purgatorium

“Purgatorium” by Zenry Matsuoka & Jakob Schuster.

“A short puzzle game about ascending through purgatory and coming back to life. Journey through all the levels of the underworld to make it back to the land of the living by manipulating ghosts, throwing bones at your fellow skeletons and evading demons.”

With its core mechanic of throwing bones into another pile of bones to teleport your skeleton character from one place to another, the puzzle platformer “Purgatorium” manages to offer some great level design, that makes the whole experience always different and interesting. For example, you cannot throw a bone through a bewitched space, which is shown by a row of ominous symbols, but when you, a ghost or a fellow skeleton are standing near enough to its offspring, then it will just fade away and offer you new possibilities.

Another wonderful design choice is the embedding of other skeletons in the later part, because you can just shoot them down with one of your bones, which forces them to transform into a temporary pile of bones. There are many different things that make “Purgatorium” pretty special, but beware of the final level, as this one is a complete hell to play, quite literally. >>PLAY