Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam 2018: Else Walker

“Else Walker” by Kevin Cole & Greg Gervasi.

“This is a [platformer] without [direct input]. Insert floppies to direct [the robot].”

In “Else Walker”, a robot wants to escape from a research facility, but its behavioral patterns are very limited at the beginning. It can only perform the actions that have been implemented in its ‘if – else if – else’ tree by using blue, red and white floppy disks. The blue ones describe the actions that the small machine should perform – such as jumping or going -, while the white and red floppy disks describe the if-conditions. The red ones are responsible for the particular objects like walls or spikes, which have to be considered. The white ones indicate where those objects are located in perspective of the robot, for instance if they are they in front of it or below it et cetera. At the beginning you only have two floppy disks to choose from, but the assortment is increasing rapidly. Based on this simple gameplay, this jam submission makes a lot of fun thanks to its sophisticated level design and the great background tracks. >>PLAY