Game Off 2019: BLAWK

“BLAWK” by Andy Bae.

“This little chick is feeling stuck[.] 😢 Help him find ways to get rid of his [creative block].”

Do you remember “Uballto”, the physics game that interacted with different window layers, which was submitted to the 45th Ludum Dare and won the fourth place in the Innovation category of the Compo section? “BLAWK” has a very similar concept to it, but it uses its own actual window. By dragging it up and down or left and right, you are able to create an acceleration for the small bird inside of it; that way it is able to run, jump or even crouch through narrow passages.

Those movement styles will be needed, as “BLAWK” has some tough levels for you to get through. With the fitting timing and foresight you have to guide the chick through the troubles in form of spikes and holes. But the jam entry is not to be taken literally. It’s not about a baby bird that wants to travel to another point. It’s actually a metapher for handling a creative block.

The spikes are the obstacles you have to overcome in the artistic process, while the strait passages are the pressure you might feel when you have to finish a project soon because of the deadline. “BLAWK” doesn’t focus on the dark sides of creativity, though, as it also shows how important it is to exercise a bit or to take a break. A cute little game, that uses its mechanics to do the storytelling in a clever way. >>PLAY