Game Off 2019: Cannonball Engineers

“Cannonball Engineers” by Antti Haavikko.

“It was the year 20XX and everything was fine and dandy. But then suddenly these weird anomalies started appearing all over the world and they had to call, The Cannonball Engineers. […] [A] physics based puzzler[.]”

24 stages full of crazy physics action are waiting for you right here! In each level, you have to figure out a way to shoot one of the cannonball people into the anomaly to progress. That requires a sense for the best acceleration of each shot, as the human missiles prove to be quite fragile. When a shot is lucky, the people will stick to a wall or another puzzle element, but if not… Well, be prepared for dozens of limbs and creepy smiling heads marking your way thanks to cartoonish explosions.

Each level has their own great puzzle design and thereby different mechanics. Sometimes it will regard a precise shoot, so that the cannonballs will activate a switch to open a door, sometimes you will face magnetic keys, windmills that rotate after direct contact, slippery surfaces and much, much more!

It’s fun to get to the solution with each try, especially as you will be rewarded in form of a rating system. The less shots you need, the better. Overall, it’s possible to gather 72 stars, so three for each level. And oh, did I already mention that the last stage even has a kind of boss fight? No? Now you know. So if you are looking for a super fun game to play today, I highly recommend this one. >>PLAY

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Coolness! Thanks a lot for trying it out and writing this sweet article about it. Didn’t even dream that someone would actually even actually reach the final boss. Making easy games is hard!