Game Off 2021: ENCORE

“ENCORE” by Savvy Community (Frédéric Urien, Tom Rivière, Lola Baudet, Milo Kalita, Juliette Pereira & Sacha Mathelet).

“[This] is a game about ending things. You play a stage technician who takes care of things after this evening’s performance is over. What is left when the audience is gone? Who are you talking to? Will you help?”

Since “ENCORE” is such a short metagame experience that has some surprises in store, I will not say many words about what actually happens. However, the developers have shown with this game that they understand the temporary relationship between media and their recipients – regardless of whether this means the brief bond between text and readership, play and audience, or even video game and players – in all its facets. Media and art are not just there. Only interest in and interaction with them can lead them to experiences that imprint themselves on our souls. In this sense, I have no choice but to applaud. I certainly will not forget those fifteen minutes anytime soon. [PLAY]