GameGirl Jam: Cappuchino Spoontforce Deluxe VI – Girl of the Boiling Fury

“Cappuchino Spoontforce Deluxe VI – Girl of the Boiling Fury” by AhoGames (Grey & Saemi).

“A Gameboy-style arcade game about the short tempered girl Sajiko trying her best to enjoy a relaxing bath in a cup of coffee. Try adding as many ingredients to the [c]offee as possible, without letting it get cold. Hitting Sajiko with [m]ilk and [s]ugar awards bonus points for your highscore, but it will make her angry, so let her calm down before she snaps.”

“Coffee coffee coffee! Caffeine! Caffeinated hot drinks! Give them all to me!” – does that sound like you, no matter what time of day? Still, you’re not as caffeine-crazed as Sajiko, because she even takes a bath in a huge cappuccino cup!

Problematically, the bath water gets cold over time, so you have to pour new, hot coffee into the cup over and over again. Furthermore, as a player, you are responsible for making the bath water even more tasteful. That’s why you have to throw milk and sugar into the cup, which gives you points. There are also extra points if you also hit Sajiko with the foaming milk or the sugar cubes.

But beware: Sajiko is not particularly amused when she gets hit by them. That’s why you have to give her time to recover from her brief rage. Otherwise, she understandably ends the game. Overall, a wonderful, simple arcade game with terrific pixel art, perfect for your coffee break! >>PLAY