GBJAM 5: Trappy Climb

“Trappy Climb” by rogueNoodle.

“Reach the peak by jumping and sliding, dodging mountain sheep, boulders and icicles along the way. Collect coins and stomp enemies to get the best score, but reaching the top is the only way to become a true “Mountaineer”.”

With “Trappy Climb”, rogueNoodle created a spiritual sequel to his GBJAM submission from last year, which was called “Trappy Mine”. I absolutely loved to play this game, and so the successor had to handle the burden of my high expectations. What can I say? It did very well! This snowy jumper game feels addictive to me, as it challenged my reaction skills and forced fast decision-making from my mind. One neat little twist is that while you can earn point multipliers, you have to do it by collecting all three dots in one single row. If you do not have cold feet by now, you should definitely play it and try to reach the top! >>PLAY