GBJAM 5: Treasure Chest #04

Screenshot of "Yokoi-san Warp"

“Yokoi-san Warp” by Go To Seven (VeLTiNA, Ronto & 26c).

In this mini puzzle shooter you cannot directly hit your enemy, but by using your warp gun you can direct their own missiles back to them.

Screenshot of "Rumble Road"

“Rumble Road” by Sean S. LeBlanc.

This turn-based combat game offers a nice variety of challenging enemies as well as neat retro pixel art.

Screenshot of "Behemoth DDS"

“Behemoth DDS” by Allison Vansickle.

If you ever wanted to be the dentist of a terrifying monster, then you can take care of your patient’s health in this strange, but also lovely medic aid game.