GBJAM 6: RoboBlaster

“RoboBlaster” by rxi & Daniel Moreno.

“[A short] action platformer game.”

Not only does the action platformer “RoboBlaster” feel visually as well as musically indeed like a highly polished Game Boy game, but also the gameplay and boss design make it a perfect tribute to the old days of gaming. There are three different levels to conquer, each having a final boss in the form of a giant robot waiting for you. Their movement and attack patterns need to be understood in order to bombard them at the right time and ward off their attacks.

The stages themselves are also interesting and not repetitive. Thanks to the shortness of the game, even the normal fiends seem varied. Sometimes monstrous shuriken stars fall from the sky, sometimes you have to shoot away both shotguns of a stacked up killer machine and then again you have to lure flying robots, that rush towards you when you stand directly below them, to the ground to turn them off. All these different design choices make “RoboBlaster” continuously exciting. >>PLAY