GBJAM 6: Spellthief

“Spellthief” by Zack Keys.

“A puzzle platformer where you must use your acrobatic thievery skills and trusty grappling hook to navigate compact, dangerous dungeons. Can you make it to the end of all seven rooms with a perfect record?”

“Spellthief” just screams for ambitious speedrunners to complete it. If you want to achieve a perfect run here, you have to master a lot of different skills: Jumping off the walls at the right moment so you will not to fall into the spikes, using the grappling hook in a majestical way to cross wider distances and quickly performing three arrow combinations to open the treasure chest.

Whenever you play through a level in “Spellthief”, you can earn up to three badges. One of them represents the ‘Breaker’ achievement, which you will get if you are able to open the chest immediately on the first try. The second is called “Immortal”, and you get if you did not die at all. And those of you who were able to collect all the coins will have the pleasure to call themselves ‘Collector’. Only those who get all badges at the end of the seven levels will make a perfect run. >>PLAY