GBJAM 6: Spike Hike

“Spike Hike” by Case Portman.

“Hike to the top of a [hazard-ridden] tower. [Do not] stop! […] A plethora of traps and hazards will do their best to stop you, the key is to not panic[.]”

This platformer is extremely hectic, as for each step you go, the former walkable field turns into a deadly spike trap. If that were not challenging enough, there will even be cannons in the later levels that will make your life even more difficult. Also, some of the platforms are not the most stable ones, which is why they fall down after a short time after you touched them. You realize it already: In “Spike Hike”, you have to react quickly if you want to progress.

You get a few points for each area you transform into a spike. There are also several hundred extra points for every coin you collect, but of course they are placed in such a way that they can not simply be cashed in. Instead, you have to plan ahead to avoid falling or running into the next trap. That is why the sparsely placed checkpoints in “Spike Hike” will be your lifesaver. >>PLAY